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Katrina (aged 44), Bootcamp

I am currently one of Artur’s clients through the Tooting Bec Athletics Track & Gym and have been for the last three months. I am so glad that I signed up to his classes. I firstly started with just doing Bootcamp and found that he was such a good instructor that I also signed up to doing his Boxercise Class. One of the many things I like about the way Artur conducts his classes is the wide variety of exercises he puts in to each one which make you feel as if you have had a full body work-out. He always goes round after demonstrating each exercise and gives you helpful pointers if you need to adjust the way you’re doing it in order to maximise the full benefit. He is very supportive and encouraging and always makes the classes enjoyable due to his fun personality and the fact that he creates an environment where all are welcome no matter what your ability or fitness level. He is an extremely good motivator and makes you want to work that little bit harder each week, but is also sensitive to how your body can cope with the additional physical demands.

I can honestly say that I have noticed a definite improvement in my all round stamina and fitness levels and an improvement in my body shape. I will definitely continue to go to as many of his classes whenever possible and would gladly encourage other people to do likewise as I know they will benefit from them as much as I have.

Katrina (aged 44), Bootcamp

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December 19, 2013 | Bootcamp, Functional & Plyometric Training | Comments Off on Katrina (aged 44), Bootcamp