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We have experience training athletes from disciplines as varied as BMX, rugby, triathlon,Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, wrestling, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) as well as clients preparing for their first obstacle run,10km, half or full marathon.
We have been lucky to work with some top athletes in the UK,including:
Martin Lazarz- MMA Light-heavy weight World Champion with BAMMA,
Lee-representing UK in BMX World Championship,
Greg- representing UK in triathlon,
Samantha-representing UK in diving,
James- amateur distance runner who completed Marathon des Sables in 2019 and placed 83rd overall 800 competitors and 40th on long 91km stage,
Rose-mother of three, who loves compete in most challenging obstacle runs .
However,you don’t have to be professional to follow your dreams and for us-your dedication is enough.As a consequence, our training sessions, diet and supplementation advice focus on the areas you could improve such as endurance, speed, strength, power or injury rehabilitation/prevention,which will help you to TrainSmart and achieve desired results.

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