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Marta and Artur have helped me shift my thinking around eating.  Put simply, my approach was cross train regularly, the more the better, and eat in a healthy way when possible, the less the better.  Being very active is great, of course, but it needs to be supported by proper nutrition and eating habits. 

Thanks to Marta and Artur’s expertise, encouragement and, most of all, patience, I started shifting my mindset.  Thanks to trusting them, my results, mood, sleeping patterns and energy levels dramatically improved.  In my case, the shift means eating more regularly, also when I am not hungry, and more vegetables and proteins.  

It’s still a journey to reconceptualise food in a positive way as a fuel, but it’s about moving in the right direction rather than always getting it right”.

Severa (mum of two)

There is so much contradicting information out there in the media about diet, especially as it relates to exercising and achieving desired results.  Weight loss, toning up, building up muscles or improving sport performance – they’re all very confusing to most of us.

To start with, at Reach4fitness we would like to change your words and habits to “eating healthily” and ”eating nutritious food“ from ”diet, diet, diet’’, so that you feel better, have more energy and optimise the results of your training. Equally, let’s visualise exercising as a tool to “making you stronger and healthier’’ rather than an obligation, even punishment of your body.  Our goal is to make both enjoyable, to shift toward and establishing a positive and sustainable way of thinking, eating and exercising.

Many common health problems can be prevented or alleviated with healthy eating habits. I have studied nutrition for 4 years at Catering College and Marta has completed a Nutrition course at the YMCA. Our wealth of knowledge on nutrition and supplementation will help ensure that you reap the maximum benefits from your training routine with us-including fat loss, toning, muscle gain and recovery.

Reach4fitness will work with you to develop a well-rounded food plan that meets your needs.  We encourage all our clients to write a food dairy, which helps to educate them and target areas for improvement so as to maximise training results.

To boost your results and give you an edge, we can help you rethink the content of your refrigerator and your shopping, we can provide recipes, and we can help you choose supplementation.

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