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Who is number One.

15401_1471265092109I have noticed that more and more personal trainers forgetting who is the most important in our line of work. They concentrating more and more on self promotion than on clients.Quite often when I see pictures on Facebook, they are shouting -look at me,I am the best,I can lift this and that,run as fast,etc.
However,I believe that doesn’t matter what personal trainer can do but what his/her clients can do.You will say that I have put some pictures like that as well, but I like to believe that you understand why I have done it.My message through this pictures is-if I can do it (42 years old man with many limitations) you- as my potential or existing client can manage.I will put profiles of some of my clients, who are doing or achieved amazing things.
First on the line is Nancy, who I have been training with me for over year.Our strength and conditioning sessions prepare her to deal better with following her big passion-medieval weapons training.She trains to master use of many weapons from hundreds years ago (just don’t ask me to name them).On the picture below is Nancy with one of them.To put things in perspective,she is 5ft 2-3 inches and sword is a good few inches bigger.Try to swing it…
Nancy is one of completely amazing women I has been lucky enough to train.Watch this space and my Facebook page to see another profiles.

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September 3, 2016 | Personal Training | Comments Off on Who is number One.